Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 6: 6 Weeks Along Looks Like 10 Weeks Along

Hi Everyone,

It has now been six weeks since I've broken my leg and today I went to see my doctor. I was excited for this appointment because I wanted to know how far along the healing process I was. 

After I got a new set of x-rays my doctor took off my walking boot and proceeded to check my leg. He began with flexing and pointing my ankle. Then he started to touch and squish my leg near my broken bones and up my calf. Then all of a sudden he bent my knee, I cried out in pain, he straightened my knee and as I looked at him through teary eyes he told me that I have about a 110˚ range of motion when most of his patients at six weeks only have 90˚ range of motion.

He even told me that I looked like I was at week 10 of healing! Woohoo, so exciting. 

The doctor showed me my x-rays and honestly I didn't see any difference at first but then he zoomed in really close and showed me this light cloud around my bone and said that's the callus forming around my bone. My x-rays look the same from four weeks ago besides that. I think at the end of next month we'll actually be able to see a real difference.

Now that I'm at week 6 he told me it is time to move from 10% weight bearing with two crutches to 50% weight bearing with one crutch. I'm a little scared to get started but slowly everyday I'm going to try to take an extra step. Tomorrow I call a physical therapist to get started on PT. Wish me luck!


6 weeks down.

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