Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 4 - Pain Is Replaced By Soreness

Hey everyone,

Pain in my broken leg has been replaced by soreness in my joints and some where I broke my leg.  Most of the scabs have fallen off and have been replaced with pink scars which I'm hoping don't stick out like they do now by the end of next year. The bruising has reduces a lot, just a little bruising at the wound and on my foot. My knee, wound and ankle are still swollen but it appears to be a little less, yay for recovery!

I've been walking fairly successfully with my air cast boot and crutches, sometimes getting stuck on a wire or something on the floor. I've been really successful with making my own breakfast and lunches thanks to my sport fanny pack and food-storage containers. I'm happy to gain a little freedom with my ability to make my own meals. If you're weight-baring I recommend grabbing yourself a fanny pack so you can refill your own waters and grab your own snack and meals. 

4 weeks down.

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