Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 3 - Recovery. Pimped Crutches. Stupid RMV

Hey Everyone,

My leg is doing better and I finally was able to shower with my leg out of the boot. I still have bruising near my wound, calf, and heel but it feels good to be able to let it breath and flex my ankle. 

My doctor told me to flex my ankle when I was out of my boot so that my muscles don't stiffen up. So I do just that but only to what is comfortable. My knee is still pretty swollen but I am surprised by how well the incision on my knee has healed. Yay!

Check out my pimped out crutches! I ordered these Crutcheze Sport Teal Crutch Pads Covers that offer additional support and a Crutch Bag that helps me carry around things like tissues, a water bottle and any medicine I need. I love it! Its awesome especially since I'll be on crutches for a few months. 

Now for a little rant about the MA RMV. They are ridiculous. On the RMV website they say that you can mail in your disability placard form or bring it in to your closest RMV. To me I thought, oh bringing it in person would be easier and I could get my placard right away, NOPE! After my fiance waited in line we go up to the front counter and they tell us they don't take them anymore because they have "had a problem getting the forms to the Medical Affairs Bureau." So they basically lose them. -_- What a waste of my time. Stupid RMV.

3 weeks down.

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