Thursday, January 2, 2014

Showering With A Cast

I was lucky enough to only be in my cast for only a week, but the tips and tricks I learned in the first week still help me to this day since I still can't stand in the shower. 

  1. Staging - make sure you have everything you will need near you once you are done with your shower: towels, clothes, etc. 
  2. Set Up  - It helps to have someone help you place a stool or chair that won't get damaged by water in your tub/shower. If you have a tub I found it easier to get into the tub if I had another stool the same height right outside. 
  3. Covering the Cast - I didn't know how long I was going to be in a cast so I didn't buy a shower cast cover. Instead I used a plastic shopping bag and covered the foot part of my cast with a small towel under my heel. Then I used a trash bag and moving tape to cover my whole cast, using the tape to make sure to seal up anywhere water may drip into. 
  4. Migrating to the Shower - First I would sit on my stool outside my tub to undress. Once I was ready I would sit on the side of my tub and place my legs inside the tub. Then I would use my arms to get me onto the stool inside my tub. 
  5. Shower Time - I would wash my hair, scrub my body and be done in 15 minutes because showers are pretty uncomfortable. Then I would repeat how I got into the shower to get out and would rest on the stool outside my tub while I got dried off.
  6. Remove the Bags - I would remove the plastic bags once I was dried off and voila clean as a whistle. 
  7. Dress & Relax

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