Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 8: The Road To Recovery Is A Long One

 Everyday I am noticing improvements in my mobility and strength, which is great after being unable to do basic things like showers on my own. 

My left leg is significantly smaller then my right leg, especially my calf. But I'm really pleased with my range of motion. Since my last appointment with my doctor two weeks ago I feel that I can bend my knee and flex my ankle way more. Walking with one crutch has become a little easier and I think that is all thanks to the Physical Therapy I've been doing the past two weeks. If it weren't for the strength I've been getting back I don't think I'd be able to let go of that second crutch. 

I've still been feeling some pain at my fracture site as well as aching in my ankle and some sharp pain in my knee, but overall I am feeling leaps and bounds better from day one post surgery. 

I am now even more determined to build up my strength and heal up with my fiancee's family reunion at Disney nine month away.  Hopefully I get good news when I go to the doctors in two weeks. 

8 weeks down.


  1. Hello Kat, I'm KTM4012 on I enjoyed reading your blog as I'm only a week behind you. I live in central CT. so were suffering through the same miserable winter. I can't wait to see my dr. on the 28th as I have not had xrays since January 2nd. Please keep me updated, my email is Regards, Rich.

    1. Hi Rich,
      Thanks for reaching out to me and reading my blog. I can't believe it is snowing again! Your dr appointment is the day after mine and I also haven't had xrays since the first week of January. I will make sure to email you with an update once I see my doctor. Look out for an email from me at