Tuesday, October 7, 2014

X-Ray Update

Here are my most recent x-rays. My doctor was happy with what he saw. 

With 25 days to go till we are off to our Disney Vacation I am hoping that my graft starts to take. 

I have noticed a decrease in my pain level even though I still have daily pain =/


  1. Hi Kathryn,
    I'm reading your blog from my hospital chair having had the same injury bouldering. (Also in MA) I'm wondering how you are doing and...if you have gotten back to climbing. Thanks for all the info!

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for inspiring me to update this blog. Unfortunately I am not back to climbing but I would love for you to read my update I just posted:

    2. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that you are not yet at 100%, but I'm glad to hear that you have grown from the experience. Best wishes!