Saturday, April 5, 2014

Week 18 & 19: Birthday & Hardware Removal Surgery

Week 18:  Birthday
I had such an amazing birthday and last celebration before my surgery. So many of our friends came to visit to celebrate with Alan and I. =)

Week 19: Hardware Removal Surgery
So its finally over and I had the screws removed from my tibia this past Thursday. Below you will see the screws they removed from my leg and some penny's for size reference, those weren't in my leg lol. The pain in my leg isn't too bad. Mostly a constant ache and sometimes sharp pain at the screw sites. 
I have started to walk with two crutches again. When I walk I feel a deep ache and pain at my fracture site and at my knee by where my screws were removed.
Today I get to shower and I can't wait! Its the small things I am looking forward to again. Hopefully in two weeks time I'll be back walking again. 

19 weeks down

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